Businesses For Sale

Atiu Villas NZ$750,000

Takaiti Sawmill NZ$100,000


There are many private businesses on Atiu. They are not advertised in the yellow pages or elsewhere so unless you have local knowledge you would not know they are here. The following private businesses were active in 2015.

Stores :

Aire Mai Store, groceries, Teenui, proprietor Minna Mokoroa, Ph 33377

Ezra store, groceries, Mapumai, proprietor Mata Arai, Ph 33088.

Enuamanu Trading store, groceries, Mapfuel suppliersumai, proprietor Timau Mokoroa, Ph 33888.

Super Brown, groceries, hamburger bar, scooters, petrol, manager Taoro Brown, ph 33141

Manuka 102 store, groceries, manager Teupoko Iona, Ph 33102

Petrol Station, Mapumai, proprietor Nooroa Paratainga. Ph 33377.

Restaurants :

Kura's Kitchen, 2-course evening meals, proprietor Kura Malcolm Ph 33777 or 33775

Terangi-nui Cafe, breakfast, lunch, dinners, Proprietor Parua Tavioni, ph 33101

Super Brown, takeaways, manager Taoro Brown, ph 33141.

Birdman George's Sunday 4pm restaurant on the beach, phone George 33623

Bakers :

Akai Bakery, bread, Mapumai, proprietor Randy Whitcher. Phone 33207.

Jumbo Bakery, donuts, buns, rolls, pies etc. Teenui, proprietor Joe Kae. Ph 33181.

Builders :

John Edwards, Mapumai, Ph 33054.

Teremoana Windy, Areora, Ph Teina at 33664.

Joe Kae, Teenui, Ph 33181.

Craft :

Tauraa Craft, Ukulele, Teenui, Ph 33203.

Nooroa Paratainga, Carvings, Mapumai, Ph 33377.

Eugene Tatuava, Carvings, signs, Ph 33063

Vaine Tomokino, Carvings, Mapumai, Ph 33005.

Vainetini Craft Centre, Tivaevae, Tapa and craft, Patikura Jimmy, Areora, ph 33116 or Tangi Vainepoto, Tengatangi, Ph 33134.

Teranginui Craft, Areora, proprietor Parua Tavioni, Ph 33101.

Art, Jean Humphreys, ph 33041

Tours :

Birdman George, bush, island and bird tours, proper name George Mateariki. Ph 33047 email

Atiu Tours, island, burial and kopeka cave tours, proprietors James and Marshall Humpheys. Ph/Fax 33041 email

Atiu Island Coffee Tour, Mapumai, Ph Mata Arai 33088.

Water cave tour by Paul Kura. Ph 33267.

Tour of the Tumunu. Contact Mareta Atetu Ph 33262 Mob 71807 email - or - Jackie Tanga Ph 33217 Mob 77341 email

Reef fishing with Andrew Matapakia. Ph 33825 Mob 50162

Deep sea fishing, contact Andrew Matapakia Ph 33825 Mob 50162

Accommodation :

Atiu Villas, 6 fully self-contained villas with restaurant, proprietors Roger and Kura Malcolm. Ph 33777 Fax 33775 email

Taparere Lodge, 2 self-contained cottages, proprietors Nga and Paiere Mokoroa. Ph/Fax 33034.

Kopeka Lodge, 3 self-contained cottages, proprietor Man Unuia. Ph 33183 Fax 33291

Matavai lodge, two by two bedroom fully furnished cottages, proprietor John Herrmann Ph 21926.

Telecom Hill House, a fully furnished three bedroom house. Proprietor Mata Arai Ph 33088

Atiu B&B, Stay with the Humphreys family in Areora Ph Marshall 33041 email

Rentals :

Super Brown, scooters, ph 33141 email

Atiu Villas, Suzuki jeep, motor bikes and bicycles, Manager Jackey Tanga. Ph 33777. Email

Others :

Timber, Takaiti Sawmill Ltd. Proprietor Roger Malcolm. Ph 33777 Fax 33775. This Business is For Sale 2016 - email

Coffee, Brand = "Atiu Island Coffee", Mata Arai, Mapumai. Ph 33088

Coconut thatch roofs, Patented Kikau Roofs, proprietor Roger Malcolm. Ph 33777 Fax 33775

Dried Bananas, Marshall Humphreys, ph 33041

Vegetables, Timaau Mokoroa, ph 33910, Maara Tairi Ph 33055

Eggs, John Edwards, ph 33054

Television, Atiu TV, manager, Ph Tinga 33460.

Telecommunications, Bluesky Cook Islands Limited, Ph 33680, Fax 33683. or