Atiu through the eyes of our children

Ziggy and Ake promote their island, Atiu, in Part 7 of the Katu Kunga video series

Atiu Island Highlights

This movie gives an broad illustration of Atiu's diversity.

Anatakitaki Cave

Cave trip to Anatakitaki. The Kopeka, a swiftlet native to Atiu Island lives in this cave. They make clicking sounds to navigate the dark cave.

Atiu from the air

Air Rarotonga takes a drone's eye view around Atiu.

Atiu Harbour

Learn how Atiu Harbour was built by the New Zealand Army engineers in 1974-75. (328 Mbytes)

Gone Troppo

A tale about Pakeha's (white New Zealanders) that visit the Cook Islands and decide to stay.

Ura Spirit of the Queen

The story of the reintroduction of the long lost bird the red lorikeet (kura) back to Atiu.

Tumunu Tutaka 2005

The story of the Tumunu Tutaka festival held on the 2nd Friday of December each year.

Cave Diving

Join David Goldie and Paul Tobin and be with the first to explore the underwater caves of Atiu. (81Mbytes)