About Atiu Island

Your first view of Atiu              

Your first view of Atiu Island

Atiu Island, also known as Enuamanu (land of the birds) lies 187 kilometres northeast of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Rarotonga is the Capital of the 15 islands and lies between Fiji and Tahiti in the South Pacific. The Atiu Island population of 421 (2017) is divided into 5 villages that radiate out from the centre of the island on a flat-topped central plateau. At the edge of the plateau stands the Atiu Villas, Atiu's most developed and top vacation destination. Surrounding the plateau is a ring of taro water gardens and then the jungle clad makatea (fossil coral reef). Notched into the cliffs of makatea are over 26 beaches untouched and almost unvisited except by those seeking a beautiful, quiet, and secluded spot.

The makatea is clad with jungle and riddled with caves. The dark of one cave, called Anataketake, is the home of the indigenous bird called the Kopeka. An excursion to this cave is conducted frequently and provides a real experience to nature lovers and bush walkers. There are many other caves and in fact you could spend a week exploring underground caves and find even more caves to explore. The raised central plateau is where we all live. It is cooler and breezier. Outside the central populated plateau are many nature walks through the lush tropical jungle. Being the land of the birds we also specialise in guided bird tours where Birdman George explains the fauna and flora on Atiu as well as Atiu's part in the recovery programme for a back from the brink Rarotongan bird called the Kakerori and for the colourful and endangered Rimatara lorikeet called the Kura.

Atiu also produces distinctive coffee. "Atiu Island Coffee" is produced by Mata Arai in the Atiu traditional method of roasting in coconut cream over an open fire. Take Mata's tour and learn how to process your own coffee and enjoy fire roasted coffee with coconut cream and pikelets. Since 2015 she has also been producing a commercial roast having taken over some of the machinery of the "Atiu Coffee Factory" which closed in March 2015.