The entrance to Atiu Villas - Your holiday destination  

There are six places to stay on Atiu. We recommend Atiu Villas as the best place to stay, but if you are needing to save a few dollars check out the prices of Atiu's other places to stay. If you are single, the cheapest will be the homestay, Atiu B&B, but if you are travelling with a partner or friends you may find that sharing a villa at Atiu Villas is a better deal.

Atiu Villas are six well appointed villas surrounded by spacious gardens and containing everything including a mini-bar and comprehensive larder. The villas are on the edge of the central plateau overlooking a valley to the sea. They have a floodlit grass tennis court, swiming pool, an evening restaurant and free wifi. All tours begin at the villas. Check out and book online at the Atiu Villas website. Ph 33777. Normal rates from $210 per night. Early booking and late booking discounts of 15% and 40% can apply. Download a .pdf DLE brochure Front & Back (450 kBytes)

Kopeka Lodge is three self-contained bungalows in the district of Areora. Ph 29505 Mobile 52884 Fax 33291. Rates from $95 per night.

Taparere Lodge is four self-contained bungalows just outside the village of Mapumai. Ph/Fax 33034. Rates $50 single per night double $95 per night.

Matavai Lodge is two modern two bedroom fully furnished cottages intended for stayers of over 4 weeks. The cottages are not serviced. Rate from $250 per week. Ph 21926

Atiu B&B has three bedrooms that are available in a homestay arrangement in the village of Areora. Rates $60 per person per night including breakfast. Ph33041

Telecom Hill Cottage is a furnished three bedroom house owned by Mata Arai and available for long term rent at $210 per week. Ph 33088

Depending on how coddled you want to be, you can engage the experts on Cook Island holidays listed below or you can save by arranging your own holiday in the Cook Islands. Depending on how good you are, your attempts may save you money or you may end up wasting your precious holiday time scrambling for forgotten airport transfers, dateline changes, meals and tours. You could find your final cost per leisure hour left may be much higher. And keeping your cost per leisure hour down is what an inexpensive holiday is all about. If you want to arrange your own, Holiday Suggestions may help. Or if you don't have the confidence try one of our Cook Island inbound operators below.

Booking with inbound operators

Island Hopper Vacations Ltd, Ph 22026 Fax 22036 email
web booking service For an all inclusive package (meals, transfers, tours, tumunu, transport) ask about their 'Close Encounter package'.

Jetsave Travel, Ph 27707 Fax 28807 email

Matina Travel Ltd, Ph 21780 Fax 24780 email

Air Rarotonga, Ph 22888 Fax 23288 email for your inter-island air travel.

Hot Deals.

15% discount on accommodation and transfers at Atiu Villas if you book and prepay by Visa or Mastercard online 12 weeks in advance. Make sure you check the "early booking discount" box to get the 15% discount when you book on-line

Up to 40% discount on accommodation at Atiu Villas with a Late booking discount. This is available on-line within 6 days of arrival at Atiu Villas.

Air Rarotonga 2 nights Atiu villas and airfares $518 per person share twin. 2 nights Tamanu Beach or Samade Beach Aitutaki and 2 nights Atiu Villas and airfares $812. Ph 22888 Fax 23288 email or online at

Jetsave Travel package including accommodation, airfares and transfers on share twin basis Two nights $599 One night Atiu villas and one night Aitutaki $879 plus $75 per extra night at Atiu Villas and $80 per extra night on Aitutaki. Ph 27707 Fax 28807 email