Itimanuka: God of ocean voyaging Carving design by: Michael Tavioni

Unfortunately, there are not many places on Atiu where craft is displayed. Most artists, craftsman and artisans produce for the Rarorotonga market. However, this does not mean that craft cannot be found. Check out local carvers Eugene Tatuava Ph 33063, Nooroa Paratainga Ph 33377 and Vaine Tomokino Ph 33005 or visit our skilled 8-String Ukelele maker Punua Tauraa Phone 33203. If you visit these carvers early enough in your visit to Atiu they can produce craft to your own individual specifications.

Check out the mama's in the Vainetine building next to the courthouse and townhall. Often you can meet the women there making Tivaevae and tapa flowers. Another way to find the local craftswomen and men is to listen while in the villages. The beating of the bark of the banyan tree makes a loud repetitive thock! thock! and the carvers too are not always quiet. The sounds of hammer against chisel and adze against wood can often be heard. Check out the source of the sounds. You will be welcome.


Pate or carved slit gongs




An 8-String Ukalele Carved by Punua Tauraa


Reingaroa Teipo beats out the bark of the banyan tree to make tapa cloth   



Tapa Flower made from the bark of Banyan and breadfruit trees




Tivaevae on display at the Annual Vainetini Exhibition